Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today is the bard's birth (and death) day, so why not celebrate by speaking the speech? Here is a handy list of words for the day:

Avaunt! –go away
Avouch- testify, prove
Betimes- soon/early
Choler- irritable temper
Con- study
Conceit – idea
Divers- various
Entreat- beg, plead
E’re – before
Fain – be inclined to
Fardel – burden
Fell – terrible
Forsooth – truly, honestly
Ifaith – honestly
Jakes – lavatory
Lief – (I had as life) prefer
Methinks – it seems to me
Naught – nothing
Parley – talk
Prithee – I beg you
Repair - make your way to
Riggish – playful
Sack- wine
Sith- since or because
Varlet – low-class rogue
Zounds! – God’s wounds!

Happy Birthday, Billy, and here's to another 444 years fo awesome!