Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Alack, good man!

For Emma's notes on the Lincoln Center Production of Cymbeline go here

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This review specifically concerns design aspects of the production. Specifically hair and makeup. Specifically hair. Specifically wigs. Specifically Michael Cerveris’ head.

Michael Cerveris is supposed to be bald. Please don't try to argue with what I assume is a combination of genetics and Cerveris' own perceptiveness. He's a hot bald guy. But with a wig ... he's a hot bald guy who has a small furry creature trying to run away from his face. At least that's what it looks like to mine eyes. Because Michael Cerveris and hair do not go together. Remember when he was in Sweeney Todd and he was bald? He was a barber and he was bald - there are so many layers behind that! See what happens when you embrace people not having hair?

To the wig person at Lincoln Center - I want you to know this isn't a criticism of you. The Public Theater (an institution which I absolutely love and tremendously respect) made the same mistake in last season’s King Lear. And I know for a fact that their hair people are awesome. Additionally, all of the other hair work in this show was stellar. In the last scene when Martha Plimpton took her hat off and her long hair came tumbling down - I experienced complete faux-follicle envy. I mean, Martha Plimpton is already a babe but way to magnify it! (Side note: Martha Plimpton, when can we start being best friends?) So chin up, wigger. The show is still in previews. There’s plenty of time before opening. I look forward to discovering how this matter is resolved.


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Really? I liked Michael's hair in Lear. For once it was actually believable when no one recognized Kent after his banishment.